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Experienced independent contract web developer and software engineer. Expert in C#, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Web Forms, Web Services, with both front-end and back-end skills. Adept in SQL Server (T-SQL, table design, sprocs, functions and triggers). Lots of JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS experience.

I enjoy work which requires a broad skill set and enjoy learning new skills. I can accomplish tasks on my own which could otherwise require a number of different developers with narrower skill sets. In a recent example, I did requirements gathering, database design, wrote stored procedures and functions, wrote C# middle tier code to call them, then wrote the ASP.NET UI that called the middle tier for data, learning Paper.js and Bootstrap to give a polished finish. I then organised and carried out user testing.

I can focus on complex problems and come up with elegant solutions, on time and within budget. If you have some work you need done, and done properly, contact me at

Whether it's a couple of hours of sorting out a web page, or a couple of months designing and implementing a new application or system for you, I can usually work you into my existing commitments as long as you're willing to share my time with others. (I'm currently in a full-time contract). My rates are very competitive, and you'll get the services of an experienced and qualified developer who has worked in IT since 1995 and as a developer since 2000.

Netricity Ltd

My 2 daughters and my girlfriend
My web dev job, especially MVC + jQuery
Motocross and my Honda CR500 (my picture is of Jean-Michel Bayle racing a CR500)
Cycling, both road and mountain biking

Don't like:
Wet weather

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