I have a Chromecast audio and the Google Home app now requires location access and for you to log in. I don't want to give it either, and therefore it does not help me set up the device. There is no way to bypass the requirements, unlike previous versions.

I can't think of a reason to require both of them, save to send back to Google HQ for analysis.

Is there some other method I can use to set up the Chromecast?

This isn't an android or iOS specific question, but those are the usual platforms to use the chromecast, followed up by the PC. If this doesn't fit SuperUser, I can move it.

  • Amazon Fire TV may be a better choice for you because it does not require you to identify yourself or install anything in your phone. – John McGehee Dec 15 '19 at 4:42

PC Solution working as of 2019-Mar-15

I just came across this frustration when trying to setup Chromecast from my PC since Chrome deprecated the possibility to do Chromecast setup for Mac and PC with Chrome 72.

A simple solution I used successfully is to:

  1. Download an older portable version of Chrome (not sure about direct links posting rules here, a search for "portable chrome 71 stable" should get you there
  2. Extract and run this portable version
  3. Navigate to chrome://cast
  4. Setup should work

Well, the easiest would be to just not give location & make another google account.

But if you don't want to:

  • Go to Play Store, find Google Homepage -> 3 dots in the top right corner -> Disable Auto Updates.
  • Uninstall Google Home
  • Get the latest version, what doesn't those permissions from here
  • You are good to go.

A note about it:

  • Google Home (and other Google apps) have a tendency to be annoying with prompting auto updates, so I suggest, that after setting up everything with your cast devices, uninstall the app. (Chromecast functionality will still work and devices will update themselves, to latest non-beta (even if you are in it) automatically)

3rd Way (Chrome computer needed):

  • Install the non-beta (the one with no other text) Google Cast as an extension from the web store.
  • Visit this page
  • Set up your Chromecast and you are good to go!

Note: It sometimes steals your logged in to Chrome Google account. That's not Ideal. How to make it not: - Go to Chrome Settings (click here for fast link) - On Google Cast select "Allow in ignoto" - Open an Ignoto tab and do the steps for "3rd Way" (the computer version)

That's all my brain has to offer. I highly suggest just creating another account for the Cast thing, since if you get to beta with that, it is totally worth it. (Haven't seen a single bug in the beta of my Chromecasts, only one: I get my features earlier than others ;) )


Yes, it's possible to set up the Chromecast using Chrome on your PC, assuming you meet the minimum OS requirements (Mac OS X 10.9 and higher or Windows 7 and higher) and are running the latest version of Chrome (confirmed working with version 59).

Simply to go www.google.com/chromecast/setup and you should see Or, you can set up your chromecast using this computer:

enter image description here

Keep in mind that when I tried this on an unsupported platform (Linux) the text and the link were simply not there and the page only offered the Android and iOS apps.

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    This is no longer an option. Only using Chrome will give you an extra option to install the extension, which does not allow you to setup the device. You must install Google Home now, and use a Google account. It's horrible, but it's the only way now. I will personally never buy one again because of this. – Delorean Apr 29 '18 at 16:42

Location access is a technical requirement for scanning for wifis in android, which is what happens when setting up a chromecast. So I consider it techically impossible to do without on Android.

As for the Google Account:
I was able to configure wifi for Chromecast 3 and Audio via Version 10200090 of Google Home App (installed via Aurora Store).

That was about it. Multiroom or any other options for the Chromecast failed.

As soon as the Chromecast was online, it updated itself and I could no longer configure anything without an account.

I presume this is a lost cause for privacy-conscious folks. Especially regarding the fact that newer Google Home devices also contain a microphone. Let's just hope Google won't activate the kill switch on the classical Chromecast devices at some point (similar to Sonos "recycling mode").

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